Wearing Rockabilly (on a week day)

Our retro dresses have proved to be very popular with our customers, as they are feminine, flattering and easy to wear.  However, it seems a shame that these dresses are just being worn for a special occasion or on holiday.  Several of our customers have said that they would not have the confidence to wear a rockabilly dress during the week, as they are “too dressy”.  Below is one of our floral rockabilly dresses with a four layer underskirt (£40), baby pink scarf (£3) as a belt, tropical shoes (£10),  1980’s handbag (£5) and little hair hat (£3). I’m sure you will agree that with an underskirt the dress is for a special occasion not for shopping is your local supermarket.

276 (225x300)

However, if you take off the underskirt and put on a contrasting floral jacket  (priced at £25), aka Mary Berry from British Bake Off, you have a more dressed down look.  We have teamed the dress and jacket with a narrow belt (£3), bright pink shopper bag (£5) and black shoes (£10).  This outfit is ideal for lunch with friends or afternoon tea, plus the jacket will take you from summer to autumn.

286 (225x300)

Tartan is one of the biggest trends this season but instead of the usual country kilt look, this season is all about clashing prints for a punky edgy look.  We have taken one of our edgy blue heart and dagger print dresses and teamed it with black tights and a black cardigan.  We have then clashed this dress with a bang on trend tartan cape (£80).  This look is perfect for autumn as it is trendy and warm!

IMG_3532 (200x300)

Next up we have a beige Day of the Dead print dress that we have layered.  Layering is a great way to look chic, keep up with trends and keep warm.   We suggest layering a lace blouse (£10) under the dress and finish with a simple belt (models own), neutral shoes and fringe handbag (£5).  If it is cold you could add another cardigan over the dress and put a belt over the cardigan.  To finish the look, try a grey leather jacket (£30).

IMG_3533 (200x300)IMG_3537 (200x300)











Finally, one of my favourite looks is this rather summery looking red and green water melon dress.  To bring this dress into autumn we have teamed it with a 1970’s military style jacket (£25) with zip detail and large collar.  To tie the dress and jacket together and to add shape, a bright red belt (£3) is used to nip the waist in.  The look is finished with black tights and a black Kelly handbag (£20).

IMG_3539 (200x300)

If you are interested in any of the above dresses or want suggestions on how to wear a dress, pop into see us at 2-4 Wilbraham Street, Westhoughton, Bolton.

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