Time for Tea

As well as selling a wide range of ladies and gentlemens clothing and accessories, Vibrant Vintage also have a room full of collectables, glass wear, curiosities, and of course tea sets.

012 (300x197)

Elaborate tea sets became popular after Anna, the 7th Duchess of Bedford introduced afternoon tea in the early 1800’s, to break up the period between lunch and dinner.  The upper classes of the day purchased increasingly decorative tea sets to show off wealth and to appreciate the art of taking tea.  This blog will showcase our tea sets that are available to buy in the shop.   First up we have three lovely 1950’s tea cups and saucers priced at £12 for the set.

1950's tea cups


Then we have a delicate pink meakin tea set with cherry blossom design.  The tea set comprises of 4 cups, saucers and side plates plus a milk and sugar bowl.  This tea set is perfect for those wanting their first tea set and is priced at just £30.

IMG_3448 (300x200)


We have three bona china sets consisting of 4 cups, saucers and side plates.  The set on the left hand side is Royal Windsor cottage roses fine bone china, the set in the middle is Elizabethan fine bone china and the final set is autumn leaf.  These sets are priced at £20 each.

IMG_3457 (300x200)

£20 each

Next up we have a lovely mint green and gold bone china tea set by Balfour.  This tea set has 6 cups, saucers and side plates and is perfect for a vintage themed wedding or party.  The tea set is priced at £30.

IMG_3463 (300x200)


If you are wanting a complete tea set then this one is perfect for you.  This Royal Vale tea set has 6 cups, saucers and side plates, plus a cake plate, milk jug and sugar bowl and is priced at £40.

IMG_3465 (300x200)


Alternatively, if your family is a little smaller, we have another pretty Royal Vale gold leaf tea set from  This tea set has 4 cups, saucers and side plates plus a cake plate, milk jug and sugar bowl.  This set is priced at £30.

IMG_3470 (300x200)


For those collectors out there we have a beautiful HM Sutherland tea set.  This set has 6 cups, saucers and side plates as well as a milk jug, sugar bowl and cake plate.  After taking this photo we found the matching cake plate hidden away in a cupboard so the cake plate is not featured but is included in the £50 price.

IMG_3474 (300x200)


If you are looking for a bargain we have a great Royal Albion china tea set for you.  There are 6 cups, saucers and side plates plus a cake plate, milk jug and sugar bowl.  This set is priced at just £30.  Perfect for those wanting china that can be used every day.

IMG_3476 (300x200)


Then we have a tea set that is more for just drinking tea, as it consisting of 6 cups and saucers plus a tea pot, milk jug and sugar bowl with lid.  This Apulum tea set is priced at £30.

IMG_3477 (300x200)


Then we have a very pretty Elizabethan bone china tea set consisting of 6 cups, saucers and side plates.  This tea set is priced at £30.

IMG_3479 (300x200)


Finally, we have a blue Colclough tea set with 4 cups, saucers, side plates, milk jug and sugar bowl.  This is priced at £30.

IMG_3482 (300x200)


However, if you do not have space for a whole tea set we do have some great trio’s to purchase.  These trio’s are priced at just £6 and are the perfect present for a vintage lover.

IMG_3485 (300x200)

Trio’s £6 each

If you would like to view any of the tea sets seen above then Vibrant Vintage is open Tuesday to Saturday 9am -5pm (opposite Westhoughton parish church).

Stand under my Umbrella

Vibrant Vintage don’t want to tempt fate and start 40 days of rain but we have bought some fab retro umbrellas that we have been dying to showcase!

038 (225x300)

These fold away sturdy retro umbrellas are perfect for your handbag as they fold away to nothing.  The umbrellas have diamantes on the fabric and lace detail around the bottom.  The umbrellas are priced at £10.

029 (225x300)

The retro umbrellas come in a variety of different colours with polka dots on.  These umbrellas are perfect for lovers of all things pretty and will brighten up any outfit.  However, if you prefer a vintage umbrella we have some of these in the shop too!