This page is a showcase of our collectable products.

Vibrant Vintage Furniture

Vibrant Vintage has an array of vintage and retro furniture available to purchase in our shop.

Vibrant Vintage has an array of vintage and retro furniture. The shabby chic piece of furniture below, is a lovely example of a 1960’s Stag dressing table.  The dressing table has space for a chair with two large draws on the left hand side and three draws on the right.  The dressing table also has three large moveable mirrors.

  • The dimensions are: 59″ width, 17″ depth, 27″ height to top of cabinet.  The mirror is an additional 22″ in height.

This was priced at £120 but would like space in the shop window so reduced to £70.

1960's stag shabby chic dressing table £70

1960’s stag shabby chic dressing table £70


Next we have a fabulous period vintage display cabinet in a rich walnut wood.  The display cabinet has two glass shelves and space at the bottom.  The cabinet has a lock on the left hand side with a large curved door.  The cabinet has its original key.

  • The dimensions are: 35″ width, 15″ depth and 48″ height.

The cabinet is in great condition and is priced at £65

vintage cabinet with glass shelves £65

vintage cabinet with glass shelves £65


Our next piece of furniture lovely bow fronted double door cabinet with two locks near the central wooden column.  The cabinet has is original keys.  The cabinet has two glass shelves.

  • The dimensions are, 36″ width, 14″ depth and 44″ height

This lovely cabinet is priced at £60 as sadly there is a slight crack in the glass at the top of the left door.  This does not detract from the overall beauty of the cabinet.

Double door vintage display cabinet, £60

Double door vintage display cabinet, £60


The next piece of furniture is a later period cabinet with a great display area.  The curved fronted cabinet has two side doors where you can access the cabinet.  Again the cabinet has its original keys and two glass shelves.  The main front panel has a lovely gold design on the glass.

  • The dimensions are: 42″ width, 13″ depth and 45″ height.

This cabinet is priced at £55 and would look great in any ones health.

1970's vintage cabinet, £55

1970’s vintage cabinet, £55

Wooden advent calendars

Advent calendars originate, like so many of our Christmas traditions, from Germany.  At the beginning of the 19th century German Lutherans would count down to Christmas by drawing a chalk line on their doors.  This started on 1st December and ended on 24th December, when Germans open their presents.  However, some families decided to light a new candle each day as a count down to Christmas.  Eventually, the first advent calendar was made in 1851.

Germany at Christmas

Germany at Christmas

Victoria of Vibrant Vintage has a German boyfriend and seven years ago she bought him a standard Cadbury’s advent calendar.  However, in return she received  a very elaborate wooden advent calendar filled with the best German chocolate.  Her boyfriend explained that it is traditional in Germany for boyfriends and girlfriends to buy (some even make) a decorative wooden advent calendar and fill it with yummy chocolate or home made treats.  Apparently, buying a ready made calendar lacks thought!


Chocolate from Urban Chocolate

Chocolate from Urban Chocolate

Every year Victoria receives another wooden advent calendar filled with chocolate and sweets.  Last year we used these wooden advent calendars to decorate our stall but were inundated with requests to buy these calendars.  Therefore we have decided to sell some lovely wooden advent calendars in our shop.  Below are a selection of our wooden advent calendars

Tree £25 with bells

Tree £25

sleigh £25

sleigh £25


073 (300x225)

Truck £30

074 (300x225)

House £35

Train £35

Train £35

A nice alternative to the wooden advent calendar is the Santa Sacks.  These can hang anywhere and with more space for chocolate, perfect if you have more than one child.  The below sacks are a red and white Nordic garland priced at £20.

Nordic Garland £20

Nordic Garland £20

Finally, if you love  advent calendars but have decided to lose a few pounds for the party season, we have some great advent count downs without the calories.

Ho Ho Ho train £9

Ho Ho Ho train £9

Advent count down £9

Advent count down £9

All of the above are available to purchase at Vibrant Vintage, 2-4 Wilbraham Street, Westhoughton, Bolton, BL5 3RA.  The shop is open Tuesday to Saturday 9.30am – 5pm.

Time for Tea

As well as selling a wide range of ladies and gentlemens clothing and accessories, Vibrant Vintage also have a room full of collectables, glass wear, curiosities, and of course tea sets.

012 (300x197)

Elaborate tea sets became popular after Anna, the 7th Duchess of Bedford introduced afternoon tea in the early 1800’s, to break up the period between lunch and dinner.  The upper classes of the day purchased increasingly decorative tea sets to show off wealth and to appreciate the art of taking tea.  This blog will showcase our tea sets that are available to buy in the shop.   First up we have three lovely 1950’s tea cups and saucers priced at £12 for the set.

1950's tea cups


Then we have a delicate pink meakin tea set with cherry blossom design.  The tea set comprises of 4 cups, saucers and side plates plus a milk and sugar bowl.  This tea set is perfect for those wanting their first tea set and is priced at just £30.

IMG_3448 (300x200)


We have three bona china sets consisting of 4 cups, saucers and side plates.  The set on the left hand side is Royal Windsor cottage roses fine bone china, the set in the middle is Elizabethan fine bone china and the final set is autumn leaf.  These sets are priced at £20 each.

IMG_3457 (300x200)

£20 each

Next up we have a lovely mint green and gold bone china tea set by Balfour.  This tea set has 6 cups, saucers and side plates and is perfect for a vintage themed wedding or party.  The tea set is priced at £30.

IMG_3463 (300x200)


If you are wanting a complete tea set then this one is perfect for you.  This Royal Vale tea set has 6 cups, saucers and side plates, plus a cake plate, milk jug and sugar bowl and is priced at £40.

IMG_3465 (300x200)


Alternatively, if your family is a little smaller, we have another pretty Royal Vale gold leaf tea set from  This tea set has 4 cups, saucers and side plates plus a cake plate, milk jug and sugar bowl.  This set is priced at £30.

IMG_3470 (300x200)


For those collectors out there we have a beautiful HM Sutherland tea set.  This set has 6 cups, saucers and side plates as well as a milk jug, sugar bowl and cake plate.  After taking this photo we found the matching cake plate hidden away in a cupboard so the cake plate is not featured but is included in the £50 price.

IMG_3474 (300x200)


If you are looking for a bargain we have a great Royal Albion china tea set for you.  There are 6 cups, saucers and side plates plus a cake plate, milk jug and sugar bowl.  This set is priced at just £30.  Perfect for those wanting china that can be used every day.

IMG_3476 (300x200)


Then we have a tea set that is more for just drinking tea, as it consisting of 6 cups and saucers plus a tea pot, milk jug and sugar bowl with lid.  This Apulum tea set is priced at £30.

IMG_3477 (300x200)


Then we have a very pretty Elizabethan bone china tea set consisting of 6 cups, saucers and side plates.  This tea set is priced at £30.

IMG_3479 (300x200)


Finally, we have a blue Colclough tea set with 4 cups, saucers, side plates, milk jug and sugar bowl.  This is priced at £30.

IMG_3482 (300x200)


However, if you do not have space for a whole tea set we do have some great trio’s to purchase.  These trio’s are priced at just £6 and are the perfect present for a vintage lover.

IMG_3485 (300x200)

Trio’s £6 each

If you would like to view any of the tea sets seen above then Vibrant Vintage is open Tuesday to Saturday 9am -5pm (opposite Westhoughton parish church).

Shabby Chic Table

This little bedside or occasion table is perfect for a vintage inspired house.  This shabby chic table is 11″ across, 13″ deep and 19″ high.

shabby chic

shabby chic

The shabby chic table has a decorative bow pattern just below the top and curved detail at the corners.

top of table

top of table

The table has been painted cream and then sanded down for a subtle shabby chic look.

011 (300x225)This table is priced at just £18 and is available to purchase from Vibrant Vintage.

Display Cabinet (Sold)

If you have been into Vibrant Vintage you will know that we have pieces of furniture throughout the shop.  We also have furniture in our garage as we have run out of space to display these pieces in the shop.  Below we have a lovely dark wood display cabinet, with cupboards above and below the display space.

114 (225x300)

Display cabinet £40

The display cabinet has latticed wood so you can see what you have displayed, however there is no glass behind the wood.

115 (300x225)

Display cabinet £40

The unit is 28″ in length, 15″ in depth and 47″ high.  The display cabinet is priced at £40 and looks great as it is or could be made over in shabby chic.

116 (225x300)

Display cabinet £40

If you are interested in the display cabinet please drop me an email to so I can arrange to take it to the shop.