Retro Dresses have Landed!

Vibrant Vintage are pleased to announce that we have a two superb collections of retro dresses.  The first range is from Lindy bop while the second collection is exclusive to Vibrant Vintage.  First up we have a 4 layered one sized net underskirt with satin material around the waist, that has been used under all of the photographed dresses.  These British made 4 layer underskirts are fabulous and really push the dresses put.  The underskirt is available to purchase for £40.  We have 2 layer underskirts for £35.  A good underskirt is an item that everyone who loves 1950’s dresses should invest in.

211 (225x300)

The first dress in our lindy bop collection is this lovely rockabilly 1950’s style red polka dot dress with white belt with heart to nip it in at the waist.  This red dress is available in a size 10 and is priced at £38.  We also have a light blue polka dot dress in a size 10.

212 (225x300)

214 (225x300)











Next up we have a vibrant red polka dot sleeveless dress with matching belt and collar detail.  This dress is available in sizes 14 and 16 and is priced at £38.  We also have a navy blue dress in a size 16.

216 (225x300)

218 (225x300)











Finally, we have a 1940’s style blue dress with cap sleeves and black details around the sleeves and neckline with button detail down the front.  This dress is available in blue and red and a size 16 and is priced at £38.

219 (225x300)

220 (300x225)











As mentioned above Vibrant Vintage has an exclusive deal to sell our second collection of rockabilly dresses.  The dresses are British made, where the designer uses high quality material and only makes a limited number of dresses in the same fabric thus ensuring that the dresses are unique and individual.

The first dress in the collection is made from licorice allsort pattered fabric.  This halter neck dress with a frill round the bust is available in size S and L in blue and M in red.  This dress has a concealed zip at the back of the dress and priced at £50.

222 (300x225)











Next we have a blue dress with hearts on and shawl collar around the front of the dress.  This dress comes in sizes S and M and is £50

223 (225x300)

Then we have the vibrant Venice carnival print dress with lots of fabulous colours.  This dress comes in sizes S, M and L and is priced at £50.

224 (225x300)

A Vibrant Vintage favourite is this stunning dress in Crown and Roses print.  The fabric has skulls, roses and rose crowns on the skulls, thus ensuring a unique yet still feminine dress.  The dress comes in S, M and L and priced at £50.

225 (225x300)

226 (300x225)

Another Vibrant Vintage favourite is this electric pink large polka dot halter neck dress.  The dress is available in size XL and priced at £50.

230 (225x300)

Floral pint has been very popular this season, so we have a stunning 1950’s style floral print dress in size M.  The dress is priced at £50.

228 (225x300)

Then we have a pretty pale pink dress with cars on, this unique dress is available in size L and is priced at £50

229 (225x300)

Finally, we have a 1940’s style red dress with black polka dots.  The dress has contrasting fabric on the sleeves and around the neckline.  This short sleeved dress with a square neckline is available in size S and priced at £50.

231 (225x300)

The dresses all look stunning and are easy to wear.  If you want to nip the dress in even more you could put a little wasp belt on.  Vibrant Vintage are off to our suppliers to pick up a variety of wasp belts to complement these dresses.  The below dress is currently in our window and shows how great a dress looks with a belt.

232 (225x300)

Finally, if you like any of these dresses then pop into our shop based in Westhoughton, Bolton to try as many as you want on.  If you like a dress but we don’t have your size we can order dresses for you.  These dresses are timeless classics perfect for a special occasion or just cause you want a unique stand out from the crowd dress!  Hope to see you soon.

  1. May I have wholesale pricing please on the pink cars retro dress?

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