Westhoughton’s 1940’s day

On Saturday 6th July Westhoughton traders hosted a 1940’s day to raise money for the Help Our Local Heroes Foundation.  I decided to wear a very fitted 1950’s dress that looked rather 40’s bought from Grandma’s Attic and an original 1940’s hat from Vibrant Vintage.  My sunglasses are Boots and shoes Marks and Spencer (only £20 and very comfortable).

Victoria in 1940's

Me in 1940’s

I decided that the shop would be transformed into a 1940’s shop.  So I put masking tape in the windows as if the shop was prepared for an air raid.

Vibrant Vintage 1940's Day

Vibrant Vintage 1940’s Day

The shop window had posters from the 1940’s such as “Dig for Victory” and “Careless Talk Cost Lives”.

087 (300x225)

1940’s clothing

085 (300x225)



I then chose some 1940’s dresses for the window put an evacuee, suitcase and gas mask in the window.




Outside the shop I had vintage gardening scales and vegetables for the Dig for Victory campaign.

081 (300x225) 082 (300x225)






Outside the shop Lane Paul Stewart was singing all day.  Lane is a great singer who preforms different songs in different outfits from his RAF officer to 1940’s civilian wear.

104 (225x300)

Lane Paul Stewart

Westhoughton market had extra stalls selling vintage, craft and produce in the back of the market, while additional stalls were placed at the front of the market.  The lovely Carlee sang all day at the market.

099 (300x225)

Emma from Retro Queen

098 (300x225)

Tracey from Urban Chocolate

100 (300x225)

Vintage Whatnots

At 4.30 a representative from Help Our Local Heroes charity, who was at the event all day, laid a wreath at the cenotaph to remember those who have died in conflict.

108 (225x300)

Westhoughton managed to raise £750 for the charity, so a huge thank you to everyone who supported the event.

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