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There is only one Latin phrase that I remember from 4 terrible years of Latin class and that is “Tempus Fugit” or time flies.  Vibrant Vintage can’t think of a more apt phrase, as we have been in our shop for over 5 months now!!!

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We have two events planned for summer then we are having a well deserved break.  Our first event is on Sunday 30th June at Haigh Hall.  We are organising a vintage, retro and craft fair at the Hall with over 40 stalls.  There will be a BBQ outside if the weather is nice, if not the chef will cook inside.  We have some familiar stalls coming as well as new stalls.  There is live entertainment from the fab Bexi Owen who has sung at our last 2 fairs. The fair will start at 10am and finish at 4pm with admission just £1 for the whole day.

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The next event isn’t one that we are organising but one that we are part of and will take place on Saturday 6th July 9am-4pm  Last year Westhoughton market organised a jubilee themed farmers market.  This year Westhoughton traders are organising a forces day for the charity Our Local Heroes Foundation.  There will be a farmers market and a vintage and craft fair at the back of Westhoughton market, live entertainment throughout the day, a raffle and tombola where everyone is a winner.

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For those of you not from Westhoughton you may be unaware that the people of Westhoughton are known as  Keawyeds” or cow heads.  This is due to the story of a farmer and his cow.  When the cow got its head stuck in a gate, the farmer decided to cut the cows head of inside of damage the gate as the cow cost less!  In honour of this story, local shops and market stalls will have a cow in their window and children can find the name of all cows.  There will also be a historical tour around the town.

westhoughton cow head photo_edited-1 (300x209)

Photo from Westhoughton Picture Past and Present (check out their facebook page)

There will be lots of other activities on the day too.  We are trying to arrange for vintage and classic cars to come down to the town too, so if you know anyone that has a car of interest please ask them to come down.  The idea of this event is to try and encourage people to shop local, while raising money for a great charity.  Westhoughton has a great market and town centre with lots of independent shops so please try and support this event.

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